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Thanks Ivan Little for this comprehensive article in the Belfast Telegraph

The globe-trotting Belfast-born reporter covered the United Nations and started the first journalism school in post-communist Romania. Now the book of his most significant story - the scandal of unregulated cosmetics in the US - has won plaudits from Senator Ted Kennedy's widow, Victoria, writes Ivan Little

A Belfast-born author has been praised by the widow of former US Senator Ted Kennedy for his new book, which accuses the US cosmetics industry of the ultimate cover-up.

Sean Hillen, from Ballymurphy, who once famously penned a fun book about vampires, has sunk his teeth into an all-too-real horror story. This is the story of unregulated cosmetics in America causing major health problems for women and men. These claims had also been made by Kennedy before his death in 2009.

Sean's novel, Pretty Ugly, is a fast-paced thriller that brings together medicine, the media and a beauty queen, starting off in America and taking a diversion to the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, with a sub-plot focusing on seaweed and turf....

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