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"Couldn't put it down. As a physician and lawyer, I found the combination of medicine, science, politics, corporate corruption and control, scheming and devious characters, ambition, lies, celebrity, constant unexpected twists and turns addictive. As I began reading, I was fascinated with the innovative scientific discoveries, but I quickly got caught up in the suspense and drama. Brilliant writing. I highly recommend it as thought-provoking and enjoyable reading."

Sandra Katz, Tucson, Arizona

"Pretty Ugly certainly is a page-turner of a book. Your immediately drawn into a helter skelter of beauty queens, beauty products, side affects and the allure of sexy-chic bra's, dirty jokes and raucous laughter. The seductive terminology used to describe the allure of an analytical chemistry book manages to create an allusion of sweet music and fraternizing medical orderlies. If I were to write a proper fulsome review, I’d be writing till the cows come home, which is an Irish saying as old as the hills of Tara.

Buy it, read it, and be happy that you've had the opportunity to read a best-seller."

James Woods, Donegal, Ireland

"I am not usually a reader of fiction, but 'Pretty Ugly,' by Sean Hillen was different. I started reading it, and I was HOOKED!  The attention to detail, character development,  ongoing suspense, scientific data, a series of plots and characters meticulously interwoven, and timely topics of corporate greed and disregard for the "masses" when it comes to making money... fantastic and gripping.  I highly recommend it for any reader who wants a thought-provoking, exciting, entertaining, suspenseful, and educational reading experience."


D. Stephenson, Tucson, Arizona

"From the bright lights and bustle of New York to the peace and tranquillity of a Donegal village, the readers journey to a world of corruption, greed and dangerous men. Powerful men and crooked politicians connected to the sordid world of the cosmetic industry. The three heroes Colm, an investigative journalist, Dr Gray, a skin specialist and Patricia , a celebrity model join forces in this exciting, riveting novel to uncover the truth and bring to justice the criminals responsible for the disregard of human lives, the hidden horrors of cosmetics and the depths to which they will sink for financial gain. An intense, moralistic tale from the pen of Sean Hillen, international journalist. This book will leave you reeling as it uncovers the corruption associated with big business, a must-read novel, thrilling to the very last word."

Phyllis McKenna, Antrim, northern Ireland

“I really enjoyed ‘Pretty Ugly.’ Great storytelling, well-drawn characters and the evocative landscape of the Irish coast. Well done, Sean!”

Lynn Byczynski, Founder and Publisher at Growing for Market

“Pretty Ugly presents with an amazing cover art design. I just really love this unique design. There were no issues with the over-all production quality. I would have loved a slightly larger font size, but that’s just my opinion. Now, when it comes to the plot, I’m always searching for a unique plot and I think I’ve found one here in Pretty Ugly. I was immediately hooked and the story didn’t disappoint. The story was smartly plotted and I just really loved the way you mixed these particular characters together. Colm was my favorite character, strong, likable, and challenging. The story kept me turning the pages and held my interest and intrigue from cover to cover. Great dialogue—very realistic. You did have a pretty nice mix of narrative and dialogue, but there were several places that had pacing issues. But, again, this was a great entry. Your voice is strong and perfectly suited for the genre. I think you have strong skills and I was over-all very impressed with this book. Thank you for sharing your entry with us. I wish you the best of luck with this entry and hope to read more from you in the future.”

Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards, Judge’s Commentary

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